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New general manager for Champion Compressors

Champion Compressors has appointed a new general manager, Michael Griffin, who will bring 25 years of industrial experience including a working knowledge of Sullair products — an international compressor group.

Griffin will bring knowledge and industrial leadership experience to the role, along with an extensive résumé of compressor air-end business expertise with an emphasis on manufacturing and service excellence, environmental performance, and new market growth, according to Champion Compressors.

Griffin said his key focus will be to enhance Champion Compressors’ technological edge and track-record of customer care.

“There is a real emphasis on continuous improvement across all of Champion’s internal operations, including manufacturing and after-sales service,” he said.

“Streamlining our internal systems, via parent company United Technologies’ ACE business operating system, will enable us to deliver compressed-air solutions that provide the superior reliability and performance required for continuous operation in the hot, humid and dusty conditions experienced throughout Australia.”

Griffin also plans on building on Champion Compressor’s level of after-sales care.

“Our team of on-site service technicians has built up a huge knowledge base across a number of industry sectors,” he said.

“This servicing expertise is underpinned by the company’s Australia-wide network of sales and technical support centres.”

Griffin acknowledged that industry is under increasing pressure to improve its environmental performance and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. This, he explained, will be another focus moving forward.

“Properly matching the compressor to the compressed-air demand is one of the first steps towards improving energy efficiency,” he said.

“By installing an air compressor with the most suitable drive configuration, coupled with complementary air-filtration and heat-recovery systems, enormous energy savings can be realised.”

Under Griffin’s leadership, there will be an increased emphasis on forming close alliances with new and existing clients and suppliers, as Champion enters new markets.

“Champion is able to engineer compressed-air solutions, tailored to customer specifications,” said Griffin.

“This capability is a rare attribute in the Australian compressed-air industry, providing Champion with a real advantage as we take on a more significant role across a number of industrial sectors.”

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