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New Fieldbus Foundation specification

The Fieldbus Foundation has released a FOUNDATION(tm) fieldbus H1 cable test specification. The new specification includes test cases providing greater assurance to automation end-users that their wiring systems are suitable for fieldbus system operation.

The H1 Cable Test Specification (Document FF-844) is designed for manufacturers developing cables for FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 (31.25 kbit/s) installations. The specification test cases, based upon the IEC61158-2:2003 standard, include (but are not limited to) impedance, capacitive unbalance, connector pin-outs, and attenuation.

Cable manufacturers can submit their test reports to the Fieldbus Foundation, which will initiate a cable registration process in the near future.

Fieldbus Foundation Manager-Fieldbus Products, Stephen Mitschke, said, “The Fieldbus Foundation is helping to ensure robust and reliable fieldbus physical layer performance with the release of this new H1 cable specification. End users will be the main beneficiaries of the specification’s rigorous suite of cable test cases.”

Fieldbus Foundation members can download the new specification on Fieldbus Forums. For more information,

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