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New EtherCAT Slave I/O Modules range

ICP Electronics Australia has expanded its range of EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation) Slave I/O Modules designed for Industrial Monitoring & Control Applications.

The ECAT-2000 Series is equipped with the EtherCAT protocol and installed by a daisy chain connection which permits the flexibility in device installation and reduces infrastructure and operational costs. 

All the modules can be deployed in network topologies such as star, line or ring. The isolation input and output design protects the ECAT-2000 Series against harmful interference and environmental factors. 

Users can obtain the input and output status via the process data as well as the module’s LED indicators.

Three new EtherCAT Modules have been added to the ECAT Series. They are: the ECAT-2052 featuring built in isolated 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs; the ECAT-2053 with built in 16 isolated digital inputs; and the ECAT-2060 with built in 6 isolated digital inputs and 6 relay outputs. 

Key features include:

•    On the fly processing: EtherCAT 
•    Powerful MCU handles efficient network traffic 
•    2 x RJ-45 bus interface 
•    Distance between Stations up to 100 meters (100BASE-TX) 
•    Support daisy chain connection 
•    EtherCAT conformance test tool verified 
•    Removable terminal block connector 
•    LED indicators for the I/O status 
•    Built-In digital I/O: 8 DI and 8 DO 
•    RoHS compliant 
•    ESD Protection 4 KV Contact for each channel

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