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New escape release for the safety system ESL

The Euchner ESL is a compact door handle for monitoring and protecting safety guards such as doors and flaps on installations and machines.

It is equipped with the proven transponder coded safety technology CES to ensure maximum safety according to EN ISO 13849-1 (Cat.  4/PLE e) and provide the best protection against tampering.

It contains a handle and interlocking unit to allow a very quick and easy unlocking of the safety guard from the inside, even when the handle is locked.

The escape release engages when it is actuated which prevents renewed closing of the safety door. The detent knob must then be actuated to close the safety door and switch the safety outputs on again. This prevents unintentionally starting the machine or installation.

The escape release can be attached to all common profile sizes and can be easily fixed, using just two screws. No mechanical modifications need to be made for mounting and it can be retrofitted at any time. This provides the essential flexibility for protecting safety doors.

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