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New engineering degrees

Macquarie University has launched a suite of new engineering degrees aimed to help tackle Australia’s engineering skills shortage.

With the demand for skilled engineers only set to increase in the coming years, it appears there will be no immediate end to Australia’s current shortage. Macquarie University has decided to address the issue head-on and add six new engineering specialisations to its existing program in telecommunications engineering to service the high-tech, fast-growing fields of software engineering, wireless engineering, photonics engineering, computer engineering and electronics engineering.

With advice from the engineering program’s Industry Advisory Committee, chaired by NICTA CEO Professor David Skellern and comprising representatives from several leading companies, the University was able to design relevant engineering programs with a strong practical focus, enabling students to confidently transition from study to work, says Associate Professor Graham Town.

“We have been working closely with industry to identify key areas of shortage and design courses to fill them, whilst providing students with the best education possible,” Town says. “Macquarie University’s engineering programs will give students the unique opportunity of a sixteen week internship with local industry, providing an unparalleled level of on-the-job education.”

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