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New engineering degree to ease manufacturing skills decline in Victoria

Chisholm TAFE in Dandenong has launched a new undergraduate engineering degree to target the skills shortage in Melbourne’s south-east.

The bachelor of engineering technology degree is expected to attract at about 80 students (40 full-time students and 40 part-time students) from 2012 and will focus on educating and skilling student in heavy industry, the Greater Dandenong Weekly reported.

The new degree has been pitched as a possible solution to the ongoing skills-shortage issue in the region which is a major manufacturing base for Victoria.

A survey conducted by Chisholm revealed that 80 per cent of local employers’ survey felt that higher level technology skills would become increasingly relevant, especially as industry trends indicate low-skill end, high-labour content manufacturing is being off-shored.

The course was developed in partnership with Engineering Australia’s state branch, the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance and South East Business Networks.

The degree is the first of its kind in the Vocational Education and Training sector.

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