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New energy storage with long buffer times

The new UPS-BAT/LI-ION energy storage device from Phoenix Contact with 924 Wh utilises lithium-iron phosphate technology, is available for pairing with the Quint UPS power supply with IQ Technology.

It is designed to provide long service life in both standby parallel operation as well as in cycle operation, particularly with long buffer times. The energy storage device operates reliably even under extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +60 °C.

Suited to long discharge times, or higher load applications, the UPS-BAT/LI-ION/24DC/924WH (P/N 2908232) can support 24V supplies of 20A for 105 minutes, or 40A for 50 minutes at 20°C supporting up to 3 units in parallel with individual monitoring.

When combined with the Quint UPS intelligent power supply, this device guarantees a high degree of system availability. It remains in constant communication with the power supply via a control unit that provides local fuses and ambient temperature sensing. This enables continuous monitoring and intelligent management of the energy storage device. Installation is quick and easy thanks to auto detection and tool-free replacement during operation.


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