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New Energy Saving Box That Changes Everything

Powerful low cost technologies are changing our lives in every way. We now have robots vacuuming our floors. And before long, electric cars will be driving us around.

So, what’s next?

The kWatch® Intelligent Controller is a little black box that’s set to transform the way you buy, manage and use energy.

It is a wireless device that can help your business save money and make smarter energy decisions through:

  • Transparent access to your data
  • Awareness of what your site is using in real time through alerts
  • Streamlining of processes and automation

What does it do, exactly?

Installed on your site, the controller delivers:

Live data feeds: Find out exactly how much power your operation is using and how much it’s costing you via our Flow Power Portal.

Alerts: Receive tailored updates on any changes in your sites usage, demand or the market price.

Automation: Let the controller manage your energy use when prices change with automatic responses to market signals.

Here’s a working example

Flow Power recently installed a kWatch® Intelligent Controller for one of their cold store customers.

It’s placed next to their electricity meters and connects directly into their onsite generators and other important appliances such as fridges.

On most days, it’s business as usual. The customer logs into the Flow Power Portal to track how much power they are using and what it’s costing them. Their wholesale plan allows them to have significantly more control over their energy than a fixed retail rate.

On very rare days, the controller will send the customer alerts (text messages and emails) to let them know that a short high price event is coming.

The kWatch® Intelligent Controller, allows the customer to respond to the market quickly (and remotely) following a high price alert.

Significantly reducing the cost, they will pay for electricity.

The customer may choose to switch off their fridges for a short time, start their generators – or they may elect to do nothing.


When this customer chooses to switch to their generator, this is what their usage looks like.

If the customer decided to sync their generators to the grid, they controller will identify when they can pump power back into the network – and even make money like this customer did.

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