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New electronic overload relays with motor protection

Schneider Electric has released the TeSys LR9D electronic thermal overload relay, which provides advanced, flexible, and reliable protection for motors, improving both equipment life and cost savings.

The new relays are suitable for use across a wide range of applications, including pumping, HVAC, hoisting, material working and packaging. 

Their versatility is thanks to the following features:

• Selectable trip class (5, 10, 20, 30), for setting the desired level of protection
• 5:1 adjustment range, fitting a wide range of applications from 0.1A to 110A
• Self-powered, eliminating external power supply
• Close-couple configuration, reducing installation time
• Compact size, saving space in your control panel

By incorporating multiple functionalities in a single space-saving design, Schneider Electric’s TeSys LR9D relays simplify control architecture as well as making it simple to select and stock motor protection devices.

TeSys LR9D electronic overload relays are compliant with IEC 60947-4-1 certification standards.

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