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New drives now all the Torque

The P-X Series from SEW-EURODRIVE combines the advantages of the planetary gear units and the X Series bevel-helical gear units. Thanks to the integrated intermediate flange, the P-X range offers compact drives with lower weight and greater stiffness for a torque range between 100 and 500 kNm.

The P-X drives can be used wherever high performance and torque are required in a compact package, for example as drives for bucket-wheel reclaimers, apron feeders, crushers or compact belt drives.

The P-X bevel-helical planetary gear units are available in seven sizes and cover a torque range from 100 to 500 kNm.

The gear ratio range extends from i = 160 to i = 550. The P-X Series is designed for high thermal ratings, as it boasts a shared oil chamber and a thermally optimised housing. It can be used at low temperatures below -25 °C in conjunction with heaters and heating mats.

Both sides of the symmetrical invertible housing construction are fitted with inspection covers. The motor adapters are compatible up to motor size IEC 355 with 500kW.

On the input end, SEW-EURODRIVE offers the option of various motor adapters with fans, free input shafts and other features. On the output end, standardised output shafts are available as hollow shafts with shrink disks, solid shafts with keys or as smooth models.

Installation is possible as a foot- or flange-mounted design or shaft mounted with a torque arm.

An overview of the advantages of the P-X Series:

  • High gear unit-specific thermal ratings, resulting in savings in cooling systems, and in many cases no shaft fans are required
  • Short delivery times thanks to standardised products
  • Tried-and-tested solution thanks to the experience of many drives in the field
  • Complete drive systems with motor scoop or motor adapter, saves weight and costs compared to swing-base solutions
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