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New DIN rail power supply with remote current adjustment function

Mean Well has launched the new DRA series of DIN Rail power supplies. 

The key advantage of the DRA series DIN rail power supplies is the remote current adjustment function. This allows you to adjust the output of the power supply using either a resistance, 1-10VDC or PWM signal. 

This means the output can be adjusted remotely from a number of different controllers and PLCs making the DRA series the perfect DIN rail power supply for many industrial and process control applications. Especially those that require a controllable output for an LED light source.

Available in 40 Watts (DRA-40) and 60 Watts (DRA-60) these power supplies can be mounted on both T-35/7.5 and T-35/15 DIN rails and feature short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection. Both the DRA-40 and DRA-60 are certified to UL/CUL/CB/TUV/CE safety regulations and are compliant with IEC60950-1 Limited Power Source (LPS). 

ADM supplies the DRA series DIN rail power supply complete with C-Tick and has an operating temperature range of -30o C to +70o C.

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