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New dew point transmitter approved for rolling stock braking systems

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the launch of a new rail
industry moisture transmitter to ensure safety for rolling stock braking

Michell Instruments’ new dew point transmitter has been approved for
permanent installation on rail industry rolling stock. The transmitters will
give continuous online measurements of dew point of the compressed air supplying
the braking systems and doors on train carriages to provide full assurance of
safety and efficiency.

In addition to industry approval, the new dew point transmitters come at
a cost-effective price for rail companies to fit the units permanently to each
carriage. Approvals include EMC/RFI approval to rail standard EN50121-3-2; and
shock/vibration approved to rail standard IEC16373:1999-01.

Key features of the new dew point transmitters include heavy duty M12
electrical connector; wide -60°C to +60°C dew point measurement range to cope
with extreme conditions found in railways around the world; and latest
generation polymer moisture sensor providing fast, reliable readings of dew point,
allowing for fast action to be taken by operators.

Using permanently-installed moisture transmitters on rail rolling stock delivers
the added assurance that the pneumatic air dryer system is working efficiently
all the time. This is essential to ensure safety on the tracks, especially
during cold weather periods when excess moisture in the braking system could
freeze and jam the brakes or the automatic doors. Presence of moisture in the
distribution network and pneumatic components will also lead to corrosion over
the long term and increase the cost of maintenance. 

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