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New desalination plant in South Australia

A desalination plant to deliver improved water quality for the town of Hawker in South Australia has been approved for construction.

The challenge has been to identify an appropriate desalination solution that is suitable for a remote location that can be delivered efficiently.

“SA Water has held extensive discussions with the Flinders Ranges Council about options for improving water quality to the township," said Hunter.

“While the current water quality supplied to Hawker complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011) health criteria, the Flinders Ranges Council and the local community regard it as too saline for drinking purposes.

After conducting research into the issue, SA Water has determined the most appropriate solution a reverse osmosis desalination plant.

“I am pleased that the local community, council and SA Water have arrived at a solution which applies the available funding in the most efficient way and gets the outcome the community wanted," explained Hunter.

“The proposed new plant will desalinate the existing groundwater supplied to customers and fits within the $8 million allocated on the SA Water capital plan."

Tenders are now being called for the construction of the project which is due to commence later this year. The new desalination plant is expected to be operational in the latter half of 2014.

[Map above courtesy: Flinders Ranges Regional Map.]

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