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New CEO as battery maker Redflow moves to Asia

Australian battery manufacturer Redflow has announced a management reshuffle as the company begins operations at a new facility in Southeast Asia.

Simon Hackett, who has been acting CEO for 12 months, has stepped aside from his executive role and will oversee the company’s technology division going forward.

In his place, Richard Aird has been announced as Redflow’s new CEO and will focus his efforts on manufacturing batteries in Thailand.

“Once the new factory is operating, we will undertake a series of further cost-down initiatives to ensure our batteries are both profitable and competitive,” Aird said.

Redflow has also recruited Brett Johnson, who previously worked for Qantas General Counsel, to the board in place of Hackett and will fulfil the role of independent chairman.

“Redflow has a unique and compelling value proposition in the booming energy storage market,” Johnson said.

“I look forward to working with Richard and the board to focus on this strategy and move Redflow to being a truly successful Australian technology company.”

During the past year, the company has moved its manufacturing operations from Mexico to Thailand, refocusing its production of lead-acid replacement cycles in the telecommunications, commercial, industrial and off-grid residential sectors.

“These enhancements to our management and board structure are designed to ensure we have the right people working in their respective areas of strength,” Hackett said.

“With running the business and the board now in the hands of professionals in those fields, I can focus my passion, skills and energy on successfully overseeing the interface between Redflow’s unique technology into real-world energy systems.”

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