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New biological wastewater treatment developed in Australia

Australian company Eimco Water Technologies-AJM Environmental Services (EWT-AJM) is developing an advanced biological treatment for highly loaded industrial process or wastewaters.

According to AJM-EWT, the FlooBed Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) technology tolerates higher variations in water quality and flow compared with conventional wastewater technologies, yet still maintains its high treatment efficiency.

MBBR biological treatment – which consists of micro-organisms both attached to the carriers and suspended in the water – has become the technology of choice internationally for several types of wastewater, such as effluent from process industries, landfill leachate and municipal waste waters, says AJM-EWT national sales manager, industrial/municipal, John Koumoukelis.

“This is a reliable and easy to operate technology that has been employed extensively with great success by the global Eimco Water Technologies Group, for which it is a key technology,” said Koumoukelis.

“The success, originally founded on the pulp and paper industry, has now been extended to cover applications across the industrial spectrum, including food and beverage, manufacturing, resources and municipal. Already its potential has been demonstrated in Australia with the first projects here involving treatment of highly loaded waste water in the food and beverage sector.”

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