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New Australian water cleaning technology gains export interest

A Victorian engineer who invented Creative Water Technology — a desalination technology — has been approached for export opportunities after becoming a finalist in INNOVIC’s Next Big Thing Award 2009.

Stephen Shelly became a finalist in INNOVIC’s not-for-profit awards program for his water cleaning technology, which he dubs Creative Water Technology.

“Desalination plants real cost for fresh water is over $1.00 per tonne and they only produce water,” said Shelley.

“For $1.00 per tonne, Creative Water Technology can produce clean water, gypsum and salt that can be sold or re-used.”

The technology enables highly contaminated waste water with contaminant levels of more than 300,000ppm to be cleaned. Waste contaminated at that extent would otherwise have to be stored or chemically treated at ten times the cost of the Creative Water Technology process, according to Shelley.

At the same time, valuable commodities such as salts, oils and greases are extracted and separated by the Technology for sale or reuse. Once processed, the extracted minerals are so dry they can be stored in a paper bag.

INNOVIC CEO, Joss Evans, said that Creative Water Technology already had export interest.

“Fresh water is a global issue. Creative Water Technology is experiencing demand from Australia, China, India, Africa, the United States and the Middle East,” she said.

The technology has successfully completed field trials on-site in Alcoa’s Point Henry Aluminum Smelter. The technology has also been externally validated by the Australian Sustainable Industries Research Centre.

Creative Water Technology is one of 25 finalists in INNOVIC’s International Next Big Thing Award 2009 – a competition to find and showcase the best new Australian and international innovations. Winners will receive over $60,000 in cash and prizes when they are announced on Thursday 2nd July.

An exhibition of the finalists will be held at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton from Sunday 30th May to Sunday 12th July. The free exhibition is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

The People’s Choice Award winner will be chosen by popular vote.

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