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New Australian safety manual for engineers

A comprehensive Safety Products Reference Manual has just been published for the Australian market by BOC, and is being pitched to users in the engineering industry.

The manual’s main chapters cover:

· Head and face protection

· Head and eye protection for welders

· Eye protection

· Hearing protection

· Respiratory protection

· Fume extraction and ventilation

· Hand protection

· Personal care (e.g. skin protection in the workplace)

· Industrial clothing

· Protective footwear

· Height safety

· Gas cylinder safety

· Workplace safety

“This new issue has been overhauled to include the latest range of personal protective equipment available from BOC. Customers who need head to toe protection can now enjoy our latest safety reference guide on the market,” said BOC marketing specialist, safety, Ros Willcox, who compiled the manual.

Four hundred and forty-nine pages are filled with products from BOC’s top fifty safety brands such as 3M, UniSafe, uvex, Aearo/Peltor, Steelblue, UMATTA, ESCAPE and more. In addition, the manual offers a wide range of personal protective equipment that meets industry standards plus information on risk assessment and manual handling.

For those customers who work with gas and gas cylinders there’s a new chapter called Gas Cylinder Safety. Previously known as ‘Safe under Pressure’ this chapter covers important issues such as gas cylinders and valves, safe transporting, handling, storing, and more.

BOC’s Safety Products Reference Manual is available in hardcopy and CD. The manual can also be viewed and downloaded on the BOC website

“From the independent operator through to the medium and larger businesses, BOC’s 2009 Safety Products Reference manual is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date safety product manuals on the market,” said the company.

Contact BOC Customer Service for a copy, by calling 131 262 or visiting

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