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New approach eliminates cost from automated and manual testing

Basis Technologies, an innovator in DevOps for SAP, has announced the expansion of its DevOps Toolset with Testimony, a solution that offers a new approach to functional regression testing of SAP environments.

Testimony introduces a transformative new testing paradigm, Robotic Test Automation (RTA). RTA reduces the risk of change and protects critical business processes from unintended consequences of change by reducing the time needed for regression testing, while simultaneously increasing test coverage and decreasing costs.

Testimony uses RTA to deliver an automated solution that learns how systems operate. It configures, executes and updates tests without user input, automatically creating a test suite that validates new releases against real-world use. End-user interviews, technical scripting and user recording are eliminated allowing system-wide SAP regression testing to begin in a matter of days.

RTA eliminates the challenges and expense of traditional test automation and provides a highly efficient alternative to manual methods. This new approach frees up valuable functional experts to be focused on core, value-adding activities, and removes the challenging test data problems common to traditional approaches.

Testimony provides the means to make agile development and DevOps for SAP more effective, supporting continuous testing and faster, more frequent delivery of change. It significantly accelerates transformation projects like re-platforming to the cloud, while essential SAP updates and upgrades become quicker and safer.

Coverage beyond the user interface (UI) is essential for effective testing but other automation tools typically focus only on “outside-in” interactions at the UI layer. Testimony also monitors SAP® software at a code-and-system level, exercising a wide variety of execution paths and technical interactions and automatically including them in the overall test plan to ensure far greater coverage.

In addition, Testimony uses service virtualization to automatically isolate SAP systems from others, providing the means to fully test business processes that involve external interactions without replicating external systems in the test environment.

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