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New AI technology enables logical dialogue in Japanese

Hitachi has announced the development of a basic artificial intelligence (AI) technology that analyses Japanese text data on issues that are subject to debate, and presents both affirmative and negative opinions on the issues with reasons and grounds. The company applied deep learning to the process of distinguishing sentences representing reasons and grounds for opinions, eliminating the need for a dedicated program to be prepared for each language, thus enabling the creation of a general purpose system analysing text data in any language.

The AI system is presented with sentences representing reasons and grounds extracted from thousands of articles. Learning from the rules and patterns, the system becomes discriminating of sentences which represent reasons and grounds in new articles. The technology also features an attention mechanism, which supports deep learning to estimate which words and phrases are worthy of attention in texts like news articles and research reports.

Previously, the company developed a basic AI technology which analysed large volumes of English text data and presented opinions in English. This time, AI technology was developed for the Japanese language to meet the needs of Japanese enterprises.

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