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New 3D Printer

The new Airwolf Axiom 3D printer combines the versatility of printing in over 40+ thermoplastic materials to offer a high performance desktop 3D printer for manufacturing high precision prototypes and custom functional parts.

Axiom’s fully enclosed chamber and heated bed guarantees a consistent heat environment and minimal warpage when printing very large parts and guarantees a high-resolution output with layer heights as low as 40 microns. The Axiom’s 315 degree C hot end supports a wide range of 40+ thermoplastics – from low-temperature materials like TPU and PLA, through to high temperature materials like nylon and polycarbonate.

Prior to every 3D print, the Axiom’s four-point print bed auto-leveling system automatically calibrates the print bed ensuring the proper initial layer height and orientation, and then actively maintains that leveling throughout the entire print process. The “Easy Feed” filament system automatically draws filament into its print head reducing jamming and blockages. 

The Axiom CoreXY motion control system allows faster movement than Gantry Systems, providing a print speed of 250mm/s and a more precise control of the print head. 

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