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NECA program unites industry

A new ‘green’ accreditation program will allow electrical manufacturers and wholesalers to become directly involved with the contracting industry, according to National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA).

At the Sydney launch on 18 September, NECA revealed a new Industry Supporter Program that will aim to bring together manufacturers, wholesalers and installers who are dealing in energy efficient technologies.

An accreditation program called EcoSmart Electricians is now offered to electricians Australia-wide, who are invited to complete a four-part program to gain accreditation.

Philip Green, chief executive officer of NECA Victoria said at the Sydney launch: “The Industry Supporter Program provides a direct conduit between manufacturers and wholesalers with the contracting fraternity in educating and, importantly, supporting them in their selection and installation of energy efficient technologies and products, so that they can advise their customers accordingly.”

According to Green, the training is only part of the program, which is more about supporting the industry to offer customers green technologies.

“Technology and products are changing rapidly and it is imperative that the contractor stays abreast of these changes. The program is a key link in this initiative. It is something that the contractors are looking for — direct industry involvement and support,” he said.

“The web portal plays a key part in this and is designed to allow manufacturers to list their energy efficient products and provide direct contact links to their technology and sales support staff.”

Green said the portal would also provide a wealth of information for consumers, offering easy-to-understand information and advice for all levels of customers, whether homeowners or commercial/industrial buyers, about energy efficiency.

“It will also provide a contractor search facility, so consumers can search for an EcoSmart Electricians trained contractor in their area for their next installation,” he said.

EcoSmart Electricians training involves four compulsory modules: Energy Management, Lighting, Pumps, Fans and Motors and Solar, Heating and Cooling. Once the training has been successfully completed, contractors are eligible to apply for accreditation, which provides them with the credibility of the independent endorsement of their peak industry body signifying their higher-level knowledge and training, and a point of difference from their competitors that sets them apart in the market.

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