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2nd NBN satellite launched; broadband for regional Australia


Australian NBN satellite Sky Muster II has been successfully launched from the French Guiana Space Station in South America. The satellite will play an important role in providing broadband to around 400,000 homes and businesses in regional Australia.

“Today’s successful launch of Sky Muster II completes the final chapter in delivering our world-leading satellite broadband service,” said NBN CEO Bill Morrow.

The satellite will soon boost the data capacity of NBN’s first satellite, Sky Muster I, which was launched a year ago.

The Sky Muster service utilises the two NBN satellites and 10 ground stations to provide broadband to regional Australia, with the two satellites designed to deliver a combined 135gb/s of throughput throughout the country.

“This service is already helping to improve healthcare outcomes by connecting remote patients to city specialists, delivering access to a new world of educational opportunities for kids in the bush and increasing productivity for local small businesses,” said Morrow.

Currently, approximately 37,000 people are using interim satellite services in Australia. NBN expects the service to reach 85,000 full-time users by June 2017.

Australia’s broadband program (including cable, terrestrial wireless and satellite delivery platforms), is the most thorough and expensive of any national broadband program, according to SpaceNews.

Sky Muster II was launched by European heavy-lift rocket Ariane 5, which also launched India’s GSAT-18 satellite. Built by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), this satellite aims to provide telecommunications services for ISRO’s current fleet of 14 operational telecommunication satellites.

The launch of Ariane 5 was originally delayed due to extreme winds, however following their launch, both satellites have been reported in healthy orbit.

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