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Natural wastewater system sales flourish amid downturn

Wastewater and sewage treatment company, Biolytix Water, has announced record high sales and enquiry levels for January and February 2009, and will upgrade to a new factory to better serve its growing customer base.

The firm, which sells the Biolytix Wastewater System, will upgrade into a factory twice the size this month, despite both the building and manufacturing industries “rapidly declining”.

“In contrast, however, Biolytix February sales were up 18 per cent and enquiries were up 39 per cent. These enquiry levels signify strong sales to come and Biolytix expects to increase its ‘green workforce’ this year,” said a press statement from the company.

The Biolytix Wastewater System treats waste using a complex range of living organisms, instead of harsh chemicals and electricity.

“We have used the hype of the downbeat economy to focus the team,” said Biolytix CEO David Cattell.

“In December we took 23 of our key staff off-site for 2 days to define what success for Biolytix looked like. We determined where to play and how to win in selected segments of the wastewater market.

“This exercise was crucial in aligning all of our efforts toward the critical few things that will bring not just survival, but success. It takes away the knee-jerk compulsion to wring the life out of everything in the name of productivity. This way we actually dialled down the stress levels and got on with the task.”

Cattell also says he sees a rise in the number of customers who are researching their options before buying.

“Just selling a solution isn’t enough, we have to challenge the prevailing point of view,” he said.

Biolytix uses nature, not machinery to treat wastewater, cutting energy use around 90 per cent, the company claims. It won The Asian Innovation Award for ‘its potential to solve world problems’, beating many large multi-national companies, including IBM and Shell.

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