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Natural gas is Australia’s natural advantage

The natural gas industry has today launched a multi-million dollar national campaign to inform Australians of the escalating risks that threaten future jobs, investment, and the next wave of the resources boom.

APPEA’s “Our natural advantage” campaign will highlight that natural gas is a critical part of Australian life, and an extraordinary driver of our nation’s future prosperity.

However, it will also act as a wake-up call to politicians and Australian energy consumers by showing what will be foregone if Australia’s next wave of gas projects fails to proceed.

APPEA’s Director – External Affairs Michael Bradley said: “The campaign will send a clear message that saying ‘no’ to natural gas development is not consequence-free. Developing new supplies is absolutely critical if Australia wants to put downward pressure on energy prices, meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and bring on the next wave of Australia’s prosperity.

“More than $150 billion worth of energy resource projects stalled in Australia last year and our country cannot afford to lose the next $150 billion worth of gas projects currently being assessed by potential investors.

“Australia has enormous potential supplies of natural gas, but if we don’t maintain our competitive advantage we will not see those resources developed, and Australia will lose jobs, cheaper energy, cleaner energy, and future tax revenues.

“The Australian economy can’t afford the risks posed by having public policy influenced by anti-gas misinformation. Activities designed to disrupt and delay future resource projects should be of concern to all who value jobs, investment, and new economic opportunity.

“Our next Parliament – irrespective of who forms Government – must address our sliding competitiveness before we lose the next wave of mega-projects to North America or East Africa.

“Australians have a choice. They can influence their economic future and we’re asking them to get involved at and support Australia’s natural advantage.”

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