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Nano-carbon concrete technology emerges from Perth’s Eden Energy research

Eden Energy is reporting encouraging results after several months undertaking research involving concrete reinforced with carbon nano-fibers (CNF) and carbon nano-tubes (CNT).

The Perth company is undertaking the work through its wholly-owned US subsidiary, Hythane Company, the carbon is produced in Hythane’s laboratory in Colorado, USA.

Increased flexural strength in concrete design would allow for reduced concrete beam dimensions which can reduce overall building heights due to thinner floor depths.

Also, the increase in flexural strength can reduce the amount of steel reinforcement necessary to adequately support the same structural load. This can also reduce project material costs substantially.

The researchers say that preliminary concrete test results in certain concrete formulations are showing a very encouraging increase in flexural strength ranging from 15-30 per cent at seven days of age. Preliminary 28 day test results will be complete during the next few weeks.

The mixtures showing favourable results are currently being batched again for proof of repeatability and verification.

Eden’s is hoping the development in its carbon nanotube and carbon nanofibres will lead to a new, large scale application that can be commercialised after suitable testwork has been completed.

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