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Name change for semiconductor company

SII Semiconductor Corporation, a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments, manufactures and sells semiconductors and has announced that the company will change its company name to ABLIC Inc. in January 5, 2018.”

SII Semiconductor was established in September 2015. Through a joint investment by the Development Bank of Japan in January 2016, SII Semiconductor has deployed and expanded its business by succeeding the SII’s semiconductor business.

Currently the equity of SII Semiconductor is split to 60 per cent for SII and 40 per cent for DBJ, but SII will transfer its 30 per cent of the equity to DBJ and DBJ will acquire 70 per cent after January 2018.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, SII Semiconductor has determined to change its company name for further growth and expansion of its business as a manufacturer specialized in analog semiconductors.

SII Semiconductor continues to strive for enhancing its development function as well as manufacturing capability for semiconductor products featuring low-current consumption, low-voltage operation, and ultra-small package technologies that have been honed in the SII’s well-established history, while promoting M&As, alliances, etc. to be an industry-leading analog semiconductor company on a global basis.

The new company name is a word coined by combining ABLE and an IC (Integrated Circuit), meaning that semiconductor technologies make the impossible possible. The logo is a combination of an arrow pointing upward that expresses growth and a black diamond symbol that expresses an IC. It symbolizes the first initial of the company name, A, and a corporate attitude seeking to develop society as a whole with semiconductors.

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