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NAB and Microsoft create facial recognition ATM transactions

National Australia Bank (NAB) and Microsoft have collaborated to create a cardless ATM concept that uses facial recognition software.

The companies designed a proof of concept ATM using cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The cloud-based application, developed using Azure Cognitive Services, has been designed to improve the customer experience by removing the need for physical cards or devices to access cash from ATMs.

Instead, through the concept, a customer who opted into the service will be able to withdraw cash from an ATM using facial recognition technology and a pin code.

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Both Microsoft and NAB have a strong presence at this year’s SIBOS conference being held in Sydney, where the proof of concept ATM is on display.

A key theme for SIBOS 2018, which brings together 8,000 of the world’s leading financial services innovators, is to explore how data, AI and robotics are driving service innovation and business model renewal for financial service firms worldwide.

The likely impact of data and AI resonates with NAB chief technology and operations officer Patrick Wright who met with thought leaders, including senior Microsoft executives, during a tour to the US earlier this year.

“It just reinforced to me the need for banks to be simpler and faster for our customers; we want to deliver great connected customer experiences.

“Cloud technology allows us to take advantage of features and capabilities that are world-leading and enable us to deliver at pace for our customers,” he said.

“Working with companies like Microsoft allows us to develop concepts like this. It’s a look into what the future might hold for the way our customers access banking products and services,” said Wright.

Steven Worrall, managing director of Microsoft Australia, said cloud computing and AI present the opportunity for a new generation of secure, streamlined financial services to be developed and rapidly deployed at scale.

“NAB’s innovation focus is concentrated on meeting the changing needs of the customer –this concept ATM that NAB and Microsoft are working on together provides an important glimpse into the future.

“We believe AI will profoundly impact financial services and the sorts of solutions that banks will be able to deliver in the future,” he said.

“For a consumer facing application such as the AI-powered ATM we’ve developed with NAB, this sort of continuous AI innovation is important. With its cloud-led approach to information systems, NAB is also guaranteed access to every Microsoft cloud-based cognitive service advance as it becomes available,” said Worrall.

Cloud computing plays a key role in the bank’s enterprise-wide transformation initiative, with its cloud approach supporting NAB’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


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