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mySCADA is a full-featured SCADA app for the iPad

Developed by SPEL, mySCADA is a full-featured SCADA application with an advanced HMI. It is suited for plant managers and operators, supervisors, software engineers, and maintenance staff. It has declared compatibility with iPads only.

The app directly communicates with the PLCs and/ or PACs and displays the process data graphically. It can be used to control, monitor and display technological processes, infrastructure, industrial systems and facilities. mySCADA features basic trending to monitor online tags in an organised XY time-chart, online alarms for monitoring critical states, and there are options for priority and text filtering in the alarm window.

mySCADA is designed to communicate with Rockwell Automation devices using the EtherNet/ IP protocol, and also the Modbus TCP RTU protocol, so mySCADA can control devices made by companies such as Schneider, Siemens, Advantech and Beckhoff.

The user can develop advanced applications with a complimentary mySCADA Project Editor.

Cost: Full version – US$599.99

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