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Multitask photoelectric proximity sensors

Thanks to its extended sensing range of up to 3.8 m and two separately adjustable switching points, the PowerProx Distance is a suitable solution for occupied bay and clearance detection, pallet handling, and collision protection in storage and conveyor technology.

An extended sensing range is also essential for a system, which is used to protect doors and gates. Photoelectric retro-reflective sensors and through-beam photoelectric sensors always require a reflector or a receiver system, while PowerProx works by monitoring the returned light from the target, with reflectors and receivers not being required. With its extended sensing range of up to 3.8m and high ambient light immunity, this photoelectric proximity sensor is designed for protecting doors and gates.

PowerProx Speed for high-speed detection 
Quick response times, high switching frequencies, and reliable object detection at extended sensing ranges of up to 2.5m make the PowerProx Speed variant ideal for use in the packaging industry or in any application that relies on detection at top speed, such as high-speed counting. Accurate edge detection for wooden boards is one of many other applications made possible by the quick response time, high switching frequency and high-precision laser beam.

PowerProx Precision for detection of the smallest of objects and object properties
With a sensing range of up to 1.8 m, PowerProx Precision detects even the smallest of objects, cutouts and recesses from a considerable distance. It handles changing materials and surfaces with ease, even in front of shiny or reflective backgrounds.

PowerProx Small for a great sensing range in a small package
The PowerProx Small combines time-of-flight technology, sensing ranges of up to 2.5m, and high switching frequencies of up to 1,000 Hz in a very small housing. The laser technology is classified as laser class 1, ensuring that there is no danger to eyes during operation. 

This MultiTask photoelectric sensor is adjusted by means of a potentiometer. There are versions available with either one or two separately adjustable switching thresholds, depending on the application. Thanks to its versatile connection options, the PowerProx Small is flexible and can be used in a wide range of different fields.

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