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Multi-path gas and liquid ultrasonic meters for better measurement integrity and uptime

Emerson Process Management introduces the next-generation ultrasonic flow meters designed to improve oil and gas measurement accuracy.

The new Daniel Series 3410 and 3810 ultrasonic flow meters use new electronics with faster flow sampling rates to reduce measurement uncertainty, and improve measurement integrity, uptime, speed and reliability.

Emerson’s new Daniel multi-path gas and liquid ultrasonic meters feature a next-generation electronics platform. The accuracy, line size breadth, and flexibility make the new JuniorSonic one-path (3411) or two-path (3412), and SeniorSonic four-path (3414) gas ultrasonic meters ideal for a number of flow measurement applications. The new four-path (3814) liquid ultrasonic meters expand on the functionality and performance of the predecessor, the 3804, to offer improved reliability for custody transfer applications.

The new electronics platform in the ultrasonic meter, with faster flow sampling rates significantly increases the data set used to calculate average velocity, allowing rapid recognition of changing flow dynamics. Users will have access to high-volume data capture as well as detailed flow parameters, including pressure, temperature, and gas composition, allowing the meter to act as a redundant flow computer. Improved calculations for auditing or invoice resolution are enabled by the electronics’ ultra-fast delivery of key data from the meter’s audit trail, compliant with American Petroleum Institute Standard 21.1, and supported by a standard 128 MB non-volatile memory. Access to alarms, events and configuration changes is provided in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the meters’ electronics feature a compact circuit board for increased reliability and maintainability, simplifying field removal and reinstallation. The electronics support remote access as well as true 100BaseT Fast Ethernet connectivity to facilitate enterprise-wide communication and integration. The electronics can be retrofitted in Daniel’s legacy ultrasonic meters and are expandable, enabling future upgrades to help meet changing customer needs. 

According to Peter Syrnyk, vice president of engineering of Emerson’s Daniel Measurement and Control business, their customers seek reliable, stable and accurate measurement for their business; Emerson therefore remains focused on designing products that serve these important market needs and is continually improving the performance of ultrasonic flow measurement technology to provide excellent long-term measurement accuracy.

Key features of Daniel ultrasonic flow meters also include new rugged T-20 Series transducers engineered for wet, rich and/or dirty gas applications to further improve reliability and uptime; updated version of MeterLink (v1.10) configuration and diagnostic software; and guided wizard tool to configure the meter in the field, decreasing commissioning time and minimising start-up costs and operator error.

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