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Moxa’s 4-in-1 remote I/O solution helps reduce data management cost

The new Moxa ioLogik 2500 series is an efficient 4-in-1 data acquisition solution integrating I/O functionality, an Ethernet switch, serial/Modbus connectivity, and 32 GB of data logging in a single remote I/O device.

The ioLogik 2500 provides engineers a powerful new tool for reducing overall system cost and complexity, while increasing data acquisition efficiency and accuracy. The integrated 4-in-1 remote I/O solution reduces the number of components and connections, and eliminates the need for extensive rewiring.

Johnny Wang, product manager of Moxa’s data acquisition division explains that the ioLogik 2500 remote I/O solution addresses the challenges faced by customers when transitioning to a network configuration requiring reliability and production efficiency. As an integrated, rugged, and easy-to-use device, Moxa’s new 4-in-1 remote I/O solution reduces system complexity, amount of space required and installation time. The ioLogik 2500 also offers the flexibility of a wired as well as wireless remote I/O total solution.

Key features of Moxa’s ioLogik 2500 remote I/O solution include unique I/O expansion design allowing more than 100 different I/O channels to be connected under a single IP address to ensure efficient data acquisition at a lower cost; new Click&Go Plus control logic supporting up to 48 rules with further upgrades to 8 conditions/actions; and powerful IOxpress configuration tool for offline/online configuration, allowing every I/O parameter to be configured offline with the settings uploaded to online devices, dramatically reducing the time and cost needed to manage and configure the I/O system.

According to Vincent Liu, General Manager of Moxa’s data acquisition team, the 4-in-1 remote I/O device was designed based on customer feedback, resulting in a compact, intelligent, and easy-to-use solution. He adds that the integrated hardware flexibility and innovative software make it an ideal choice for meeting the evolving requirements of big data management. Customers can also leverage the latest MX-AOPC UA software suite to facilitate an efficient yet seamless SCADA device data management system to enable easy monitoring, anywhere, anytime.

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