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Movigear Classic size 1 has high overload capacity

SEW Eurodrive’s Movigear Classic size 1 drive unit can improve efficiencies and drive down the cost of ownership due to its array of features that it has packed into its casing. PACE explains.

As the first component of the new decentralised product portfolio from the Movi-C modular automation system, the Movigear Classic size 1 is a compact and highly energy efficient mechatronic drive unit. Comprising of an IE4 super-premium efficiency permanent magnet motor closely coupled to highly optimised helical gearing mounted in lightweight aluminium housing, it is designed for applications in the torque range between 10 and 100Nm. Weighing only 8kg and occupying a small installation space the all new size 1 will initially be available for control via external control electronics; in conjunction with the Movigear LT frequency inverter range or Movi-C automation modular controller.

An addition to the successful Movigear size 2 and 4, rated for torque classes ranging from 200Nm to 400Nm respectively, the release of a smaller Movigear enhances the Movigear product family. The availability of three physical sizes having a constant torque throughout a wide speed range, high overload capability, a selection of multiple shaft sizes coupled with an optimised project planning process, can lead to a reduction of unit variants required for an installation. As a result the plant operator can achieve a substantial downsizing in inventory. The size 1’s optimised, totally smooth surfaces and inherent fanless design make it a suitable option for system installers and manufacturers working within strict hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

The fanless design not only eliminates motor noise but also ensures no swirling of air, dirt and particles, ensuring minimisation of bacteria spread in clean – room installations.

Optimised for conveying applications aimed at various industries, the Movigear Classic range provides the possibility of up to 50 per cent energy saving compared to traditional solutions.

Plant operators can optimise their processes and create savings – in energy, space, cleaning, maintenance and inventory, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

The Movigear size 1 is the first mechatronics component of the evolving Movi-C modular automation portfolio. Further mechatronic drive components and automation drive controllers will progressively expand the portfolio throughout 2019 and beyond.

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