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Motorola’s new investment isn’t virtual

Motorola made an equity investment in VirtualLogix, a maker of virtualisation software for communications devices and infrastructure equipment.

VirtualLogix is a leader in real-time virtualisation — an innovative technology that is shaping the future for communications devices and equipment. Their technology enables the mobility of applications from the desktop to devices, improves quality of service and security in an open mobile world, and will enable a new generation of dynamic individual user experiences.

“As the mobile eco-system grows increasingly complex, demand for simplified product designs that allow dynamic mobile experiences to run across multiple platforms will intensify,” said Reese Schroeder, managing director, Motorola Ventures.

“Virtualisation offers a solution to this complexity. Our investment in VirtualLogix will help accelerate the delivery of their technology to next-generation communications devices and infrastructure equipment.”

“As virtualization moves out from the datacentre and into everyday front-end connected devices, our connected world will require the delivery of efficient, secure and customisable user experiences,” said Peter Richards, CEO

of VirtualLogix.

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