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More recalls of jeans linked to cancer

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
has recalled another brand of jeans containing a cancer-linked dye from sale.

The ABC reports that men’s Spitfire Denim Jeans in New Black
and Holy Black from Cotton On have been added to the list of 207,000 recalled
clothing items.

According to the company, customers can return the jeans to
any Cotton On store for a full refund.

The dyes causing concern are aromatic amines (Azo dyes). As the Guardian reports, it is a synthetic dye which is widely used. However, some
forms of it can break down into carcinogenic chemicals and is harmful to humans.

Despite the recall, UNSW Professor Bernard Stewart, a scientific advisor to the Cancer Council Australia, told the SMH that the
affected products should not cause undue concern. The recall is simply an act
of caution.

“I believe people should have no concern
whatsoever,” he said.

“Such concern is misplaced. If you want to be worried
about cancer in your kids, you prevent them from excessive exposure to
sunlight, you encourage them to exercise and pray to God they never take up
smoking. But you don’t worry about what they’re wearing.”

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