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Monowave EDU – Synthesis for education: A new all-in-one solution

High-precision laboratory instruments manufacturer Anton
Paar presents the Monowave EDU, a new microwave synthesis reactor designed to meet
the essential demands of academic researchers.

Monowave EDU supports students and teachers getting
started in organic synthesis through minimised reaction times and
well-controlled, reproducible results. Monowave EDU is an ideal replacement for
antiquated, less scientific approaches such as random synthesis using domestic

Domestic microwaves were earlier used for microwave-assisted
synthesis and had drawbacks such as lack of safety, control and precision for
good chemistry. In fact, many major publishing houses won’t accept papers based
on work with domestic microwaves. Among all approaches to organic synthesis, a
dedicated microwave reactor is the most efficient, reliable and convenient

The Monowave EDU helps reduce classic synthesis times
drastically. For instance, at the high pressures and temperatures safely
achieved using Monowave EDU, the synthesis of benzimidazoles can be performed
in 4 seconds at 250°C and 21 bar, instead of in 9 weeks, at 25°C under
atmospheric pressure. Users can save additional time by employing Anton Paar’s
silicon carbide vessels instead of glass vessels during synthesis.

Monowave EDU is designed for simple operation with
intuitive software and a large coloured display. Monowave EDU’s pressure
control feature regulates the temperature for safety once the maximum
permissible pressure is reached, and keeps reactions running instead of cutting
them off. This pressure measurement capability is fully integrated in the

Monowave EDU comes at a budget-friendly price, and helps
universities and research facilities with ongoing cost savings through reusable

Monowave EDU microwave synthesis reactors are available
in Australia and New Zealand at MEP Instruments.

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