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Monitored withstand tester for PILC, XLPE cables

The new Baur PD-TaD-60 Monitored Withstand Tester provides an accurate picture of cable reliability, permitting parallel observation of partial discharge, measurement of discharge location to 12800 metres and loss angle measurement. 

The Baur PD-TaD-60 is an HV coupler incorporating an accurate capacitor coupling to the cable under test

The Baur PD-TaD-60 provides the decoupling circuits for accurate partial discharge detection and measurement, and in combination with the Baur FRIDA 

VLF tester permits testing protocols including in addition to partial discharge:
•    Tan delta (loss angle) measurement
•    Mean of tan delta tests
•    Standard deviation of tan delta tests

Observation of tan delta change with testing voltage change (0.5,  1.0,  and 1.5 of rated voltage up to 60kV peak) with user-defined periods.

The scope of supply includes a laptop with analysis software, calibrator and power box. An optional phase resolving module is available.

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