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Mission to extract biodiesel from palm oil waste in Malaysia

MISSION NewEnergy will construct a major waste material processing facility in Malaysia which will recover palm oil from waste material in the palm oil refining process.

The Spent Bleaching Earth Extraction Plant will be located in Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia. It will see a new use for the waste material known as Spent Bleached Earth (SBE).

Mission will be collaborating with the Malaysian government and the local palm oil processing industry to build and run the facility. The facility will reduce waste being sent to the landfill, create jobs and provide Mission with a low cost, environmentally friendly raw material to produce biofuels.

According to Mission, the main goal is to reduce overall margins for producing biodiesel, due to the lower cost feedstock.

Further, as a waste material, the green house gas savings are increased and hence viewed as more desirable by the market.

Mission expects to commence construction of the 66,000 ton per annum SBE Solvent Extraction Facility in January 2012 and expects the facility to be fully operational by September 2012.

Mission has secured agreements and understandings with almost all the palm oil refiners in the State of Sabah to provide a supply of SBE to the facility and has received all necessary sanctions from government authorities including the Department of Environment.

The facility will cost RM30 million (US$10 million).

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