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CellView in Xstrata Townsville Copper Refinery

Townsville, QLD

CellView, a wireless solution to automate cell condition monitoring in tankhouse operations, was developed and launched by MIPAC in 2008. CellView is a critical foundation for an effective tankhouse management system and enables customers to achieve optimum production, quality, safety and environmental standards. It combines the latest advances in wireless technology with extremely robust design to increase the efficiency and profitability of electro-refining and electro-winning operations.

The effective operation of an electrolytic refining process depends on constant monitoring of critical parameters throughout the refining cycle. A cell voltage monitoring system is an essential tool for refineries wanting to operate with best practices on a global scale. It has been proven that a good cell voltage monitoring system can reduce the cost of operation by three to four per cent, which is a significant return on investment.

MIPAC’s CellView was developed in response to a need in the marketplace for tools that enable a more efficient, safe and profitable refinery operation. The CellView system consists of Wireless Cell Monitors communicating via a robust, state-of-the-art Mesh Network to a central operator interface. It makes use of long life sensors and a robust upper level communication system which uses the mesh networking devices to provide continuous online monitoring.

CellView has been developed and tested with the assistance of Xstrata Townsville Copper Refinery and Xstrata Technology and has undergone operational testing at the Townsville Refinery. The first order has been received, through Xstrata Technology, for a major Greenfield copper plant project with a large copper producer and processor in Kazakhstan.

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