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MIPAC implements process control improvements at oil and gas plant

MIPAC’s certification with online contractor management database ISNetworld has led to it becoming an authorised service provider for a major oil and gas plant.

The head office site in Brisbane comprises port facilities, a tank farm and various fuel and lubrication plants.

MIPAC is currently working at the site’s vapour recovery unit (VRU), grease plant, base oil operation and is involved in the LPG remediation project. 

“Work on the VRU is designed to reduce the site’s environmental impact and to make the operation as cost-efficient as possible,” MIPAC managing director Eddie De Rivera says.

“We’ve been on site for a few months now modifying the existing PLC system — Schneider Quantum PLC and Citect Scada — to interface to the new Rockwell PLC. 

“The VRU has been operating for a month and the interfaces MIPAC has programmed have proved to be working coherently and in phase with the existing operational system.”

MIPAC is also assisting with an alarm audit and improving process control of the site’s reinstated grease plant which operates on a Yokogawa DCS. Work began in mid 2012 and is ongoing.

The alarm system at the base oil plant is also being modified because an alarm was constantly cycling. The plant operates on a Schneider Momentum PLC with Citect SCADA system and MIPAC’s proposed control changes are currently being implemented.

MIPAC is also improving control at the LPG plant with a view to addressing health and safety and environmental concerns. Control improvements are being made to valve control so the LPG product flows from the holding tanks to final fill as efficiently as possible.

Modifications are also being made to the site’s Schneider Quantum PLC and Citect SCADA system so it interfaces with the existing gas detection system.

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