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Miniature Torque Screwdriver

Utilising FUTEK’s Miniature Reaction Torque Screwdriver from Metromatics allows operators the ability to monitor the torque applied during the assembly of more delicate products.

During the assembly of delicate products, operators may be required to use a torque  screwdriver to monitor the torque applied to nuts and/or bolts.

FUTEK’s Miniature Reaction Torque (TAT200) lends itself as a perfect auditing tool to monitor such torsional measurements.

Pairing this Miniature Reaction Torque Screwdriver (TAT200) with FUTEK’s USB Solutions and SENSIT Software creates a suitable laboratory platform for data logging and live graphing measurements straight onto that operator’s computer screen as depicted in the conceptual diagram.

The pairing the TAT200 with FUTEK’s IHH500 Handheld Digital Display enables this tool to be used in the application of more industrial uses as a production device.

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