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Miniature integrated stepper motor drives

Motion Technologies presents miniature, high performance stepper motor
drives in the UIM240XX series.

The UIM24002/UIM24004/UIM24008 miniature stepper motor drives can be
mounted onto NEMA 17/23/34/42 series stepper motors seamlessly through
corresponding flanges.

Measuring less than 17mm in thickness, the UIM240XX series miniature stepper
motor drives include the UIM24002 supplying 0-2A adjustable phase current, the
UIM24004 supplying 1.5-4A adjustable phase current and the UIM24008 supplying
3-8A adjustable phase current.

The stepper motor drive’s mixed-decay current control reduces the
back-EMF effect under high motor speed and improves performance. With the
exception of UIM24002 taking 10-35VDC input, all UIM240XX series drives work on
12-40VDC input. The enclosure is made of die-cast aluminium providing rugged,
durable protection and improving heat dissipation.

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