Miners rejoice as electronic sensor monitors conveyor rollers

Intium Energy has won the overall 2011 WA Innovator of the Year award for an electronic sensor which monitors the condition of rollers in conveyor belts.

The mining industry uses long conveyor belts, sometimes stretching over several kilometres to transport ore. In total, around 55,000 km of these conveyor belts are used across Australia.

The sensor monitors the condition of conveyor belt rollers and wirelessly warns if the rollers need replacing, thus avoiding costly breakdowns. The device has the potential to save companies millions of dollars in lost production and downtime.

The invention is nine months old, with Intium itself only starting in June 2010. The WA Innovator of the Year award comes with a prize of $100,000.

In another win, the University of Western Australia won the Woodside Oil and Gas award for the Large 0-tube facility which helps test the stability of underwater pipelines during cyclones.

The 2011 Innovator of the Year Awards are administered by the Department of Commerce.

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