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Military grade 2U rackmount bi-fold LCD systems

Chassis Plans’ new BFX displays rugged, military-grade, high-performance, 2U rackmount LCD panel displays offering two 24-inch TFT LCD displays with per panel resolution of 1920×1200. 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 4ms response time.

The 37-pound BFX1-24 is suitable for deployable transit case integration where both image quality and display toughness are required. Both displays in the BFX are offered with bonded cover glass with anti-reflection and EMI surface treatments for MIL-STD-461G certification. 1The BFX1-241 model is optimized for reliable operation in extreme outdoor and challenging environments and can operate in widely varied temperatures (0°C to 50°C / -25°C to 60°C).

The BFX displays support a wide range of video resolutions – from 640×480 all the way up to 1920×1200; video inputs include VGA, DVI Dual Link, HDMI, DVI-D and NTSC/PAL/SECAM video as well as Composite Video and S-Video.

Other functions and options include up to 10 bit per color, 16.7 million colors, On Screen Display (OSD) menu, Image Scaling: Up scaling to fit input to panel resolution. Image Control features include Auto configuration, Brightness, Contrast, Clock, Phase, Color temperature, Image position, Saturation, Hue, Gamma.

Additional Features: System Information, OSD position, scaling to fill screen and fill to aspect ratio, OSD timeout, factory reset, OSD menu transparency, Horizontal & Vertical image inversion, Picture in Picture, Picture by Picture variable positions. RS-232 or Ethernet command and control.

In addition to its outstanding video performance, the BFX displays include 2 integrated, water resistant speakers. Chassis Plans’ BFX displays can operate on a range of power sources – including universal input 85 to 245 VAC MIL-STD-1275/704 28 VDC, with options for 12VDC and 400Hz AC input as well.


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