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Microsoft’s plans for visualisation solutions

Microsoft Australia has appointed Peter Ulm as business development manager for Microsoft’s Virtual Earth business across Australia and New Zealand.

Microsoft’s Virtual Earth platform, an integrated set of powerful online mapping and search services delivering unique bird’s eye, aerial and 3D imagery. This platform powers a variety of business and consumer applications that enable people to learn about, discover and explore a specific location as well as better visualising planned locational changes.

The new Virtual Earth platform is more flexible, provides a wide range of supported capabilities, new map detail and imagery, and feature enhancements that allow businesses to strengthen customer relationships with innovative solutions and breakthrough experiences.

With Virtual Earth, maps and plans become dramatically more useful as designers, architects and engineers can better visualise their designs. MapCruncher allows for the overlay of imagery, floor plans and schematics on top of Virtual Earth while Virtual Earth 3dvia allows for the creation of 3D-models with enhanced resolution detail to reveal more buildings, small terrain features and trees that enhance overall realism.

“With our rapid expansion and ongoing investments in innovation driven by customer feedback, our Virtual Earth platform becomes an even more powerful tool, providing a wide variety of applications,” said Mr. Harvey Sanchez, online services strategy manager, Microsoft. “It is more important than ever to put the right leadership in place to ensure delivery of this platform of location based solutions across ANZ.”

By providing multiple tools and greater control to change the way location solutions can be developed, businesses can continuously provide and update their online experience to ensure they remain competitive.

“I am delighted to take on this pioneering role as this is a very exciting time for online mapping in Australia,” said Mr. Ulm. “We have a very strong spatial community that is building, deploying and managing location-based solutions using the Virtual Earth platform to meet specific business needs. I look forward to working with this community alongside our data and imagery providers and solutions partners, including MapData Sciences Pty Ltd, Geomatic Technologies and AAMHatch.”

“Virtual Earth is an incredibly robust platform designed to strengthen connections and improve government and business insight through the integration of location intelligence into applications, and I look forward to showcasing it to our customers and partners,” concluded Mr. Ulm.

Virtual Earth is part of Microsoft’s overall Software + Services strategy, which is designed to deliver a new generation of seamless, service-centric experiences — experiences that are focused on the customer — that are personalised, integrated and available anywhere, regardless of connectivity or device.

Mr. Ulm is a Microsoft veteran, having joined the company almost 11 years ago, most recently serving as the strategic account manager for one of Microsoft Australia’s largest accounts, where he oversaw involvement and investment in one of the industry’s biggest and most successful IT projects. Prior to this, he was with Dow Jones for seven years in sales and marketing.

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