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Microcontroller drives fast chirp-modulation automotive and industrial radar systems

Mouser Electronics is stocking the S32R274 radar microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors. Engineered to meet the high-performance computation demands required by modern beam-forming and fast chirp-modulation radar systems, the S32R274 combines signal-processing acceleration with a multicore architecture to provide up to four times the power performance in industrial and automotive applications, compared to previous generations of products.

The NXP S32R274 radar microcontroller, available from Mouser Electronics, offers a multifaceted solution for general software tasks and car bus interfacing. Combined with radio frequency (RF) front-end technologies (RFCMOS or BiCMOS), the S32R274 provides designers a scalable solution that addresses ultra-short-range, short-range, mid-range and long-range radar systems.

The microcontroller offers four Power Architecture® cores — including an e200Z4 32-bit CPU for its safety core, and e200Z7 32-bit CPUs for its dual computation cores — to provide exceptional power performance, integration, safety, and reliability. Other features include 2 MBytes of flash with ECC, 1.5 MBytes of SRAM with ECC, and a Signal Processing Toolbox (SPT) for radar signal processing acceleration. For memory protection, the S32R274 provides 24 entries for each core memory protection unit, a data and instruction bus system memory protection unit, and register protection.

Security features of the S32R274 include a Cryptographic Security Engine for advanced security management, a Password and Device Security module that supports censorship and life-cycle management, and a diary control for tamper detection. With support for ISO 26262 SEooC up to ASIL-D classification and a rating for AEC-Q100 Grade 1, the S32R274 is an ideal solution for Advanced driver assistance systems.

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