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Micro reaction torque sensor

Futek recently released the QTA141 Micro Reaction Torque Sensor.

Due to its miniature footprint this sensor was designed to provide a precision torque measurement solution for miniature, DC, servo motors.

Traditional reaction torque sensors are more bulky, while the QTA141 measures 22mm in diameter and 10mm in height.

Additionally, it features a 10mm diameter central hole allowing a motor drive shaft and coupling to pass cleanly through the sensor.

The reduction in size allows the QTA141 to fit where most reaction torque sensors cannot.

Other QTA141 features include:

  • A 1 Nm capacity that exceeds that stall torque of most 22mm gear-motors
  • Rated Output of 1.3mV/V
  • Safe Overload of 150 per cent
  • Lightweight, aluminium construction

Despite its small size, the QTA141’s performance provides a high level of accuracy in comparison to current loop measurement techniques.

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