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Michell’s new PCMini52 humidity sensors for climate control and storage systems in agriculture

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the release of a new range
of humidity and temperature sensors from Michell designed for the agricultural

Reliability of control equipment is an important factor in food storage.
Michell’s new PCMini52 humidity sensors are designed for climate control and
storage in the agricultural industry. These sensors have been installed by a
major European manufacturer of storage and climate control systems for the
agricultural industry to monitor temperature and humidity conditions in their
systems. The manufacturer field tested the probes extensively before selecting
them for their overall resilience, resistance to contamination and reliability,
and small size.

The storage and transport of fruit and vegetables demand cool but humid
conditions. The controlled climate should ideally maintain humidity at around
80% RH, but not more than 95% RH. If conditions are too dry the fruit will
wither; excess dampness will, on the other hand, lead to rotting.

Climate control systems are required to maintain an ideal atmosphere for
fruit and vegetables, which can be extremely demanding for the electronics of the
control equipment. The instrument’s electronics must, therefore, be well
protected from the humid conditions to ensure reliable, automatic operation of
the climate control system over extended periods.

Michell’s PCMini52 humidity and temperature sensor probes have a quick response
time of less than 10 seconds, allowing the control system to rapidly adjust the
climate to the ideal conditions and eliminate any risk of damage to the
stored products.

Michell’s new PCMini52 humidity sensors combine a miniature size with a
simple design and robust construction, allowing the sensors to be easily
maintained by either the end user or a service technician once the climate
control system has been installed in the field.

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