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Michell’s gas analysers providing double safety assurance in subsea compression

Michell’s gas analysers have been selected to ensure safety as part of a
Subsea Process Intervention System (SPIS).

The two analysers will be installed as part of a reclaim tank system,
used to collect hydrocarbon liquid residues and Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG) for
treatment as well as disposing of waste gases to the atmosphere. This tank is
blanketed with nitrogen to avoid the risk of explosion. Michell’s analysers
will be used to monitor the nitrogen blanket for signs of oxygen and methane,
alerting operators in the event these gases are detected.

Since it is important for the tank to have a 100% atmosphere of nitrogen,
the analysers should not only be accurate but also be able to detect low levels
of the two gases. The XTP601 oxygen analyser has an accuracy of 0.02% O2 and is
sensitive enough to detect oxygen from parts per million levels.

The XTC601 binary gas analyser uses thermal conductivity to measure one
gas in the background of another; in this instance, methane is in a background
of nitrogen. Accurate to 2% of span, the analyser’s highly stable sensor means
that it will perform reliably for long periods.

Using non-depleting technologies with no moving parts, the analysers
need only minimal routine maintenance but provide high reliability in the tough
sub-sea conditions. They also carry worldwide hazardous area certifications
including, ATEX, IECEx, TC TR Ex and CSA.

Michell’s gas analysers are available in Australia from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration.

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