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Metromatics releases Krypton ruggedised distributed EtherCAT DAQ modules by Dewesoft

Krypton is the latest range of ruggedised distributed EtherCAT data
acquisition modules released by Dewesoft.

With their ability to withstand harsh conditions, Krypton DAQ modules can
operate flawlessly in cold, hot, dusty, muddy, snow and water environments. Milled
out of a full block of aluminium filled with rubber, the DAQ modules are shock-
and vibration-proof, and fully compliant EtherCAT with IP67 rating and
operating at temperatures from -40°C to +85°C.

Being extremely small, Krypton modules can be placed near the source of the
data, allowing connection with a single cable for data, power and
synchronisation. The short connection distance also saves costs and improves
signal quality. The data link allows up to 100 metres’ distance between modules,
or they can be stacked up in blocks using a simple lock mechanism.

Krypton data acquisition modules are connected to the computer via
industrial standard Ethernet connection (EtherCAT protocol), which provides 100
MBit data link for hundreds of channels with more than 10 kHz data rate per
channel and perfect synchronisation between devices. It also automatically
detects IP address configuration and allows the user to enjoy the full power of
Dewesoft X software, which is included with every Krypton module.

Metromatics is the exclusive distributor in
Australia and New Zealand for Dewesoft.

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