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Metromatics introduces Acromag VPX carrier cards

Acromag has introduced two new VPX boards that route power and bus signals to a plug-in XMC or PMC mezzanine module to enable a wide variety of I/O processing and FPGA computing options.

Acromag’s VPX4810 and VPX4812 3U VPX carrier cards provide a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system. These carrier cards route power and interface bus signals to a plug-in mezzanine module through the VPX card slot connector. An 8-lane PCIe bus Gen 2 interface enables rapid data throughput. By inserting PMC/XMC industrial I/O and configurable FPGA modules from Acromag or other vendors on the carrier, developers can now leverage hundreds of available function modules in a VPX platform.

Designed and manufactured lead-free in the USA, these carrier cards are ideal for high-performance industrial, defence, scientific research, and telephony systems requiring high-speed I/O.

The VPX4810 and VPX4812 carrier cards come in an air-cooled version with a 0 to 70°C range, with conduction-cooled and REDI models offering an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C.

As developers implement the new VPX architecture, they can still enjoy access to a broad range of readily available I/O processing and FPGA computing mezzanine modules. The VPX4810 and VPX4812 support any standard IEEE-1386.1 module for great flexibility to address I/O signal processing tasks.

Key features of the VPX4810 and VPX4812 carrier cards include conforming to VPX VITA 46.0, 46.4 and 46.9 specifications and optionally VITA 48 for Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation (REDI); front and rear-panel I/O access can be accommodated; front I/O option is only available on air-cooled models; and both models compatible with a number of VITA 65 OpenVPX module/slot profiles.

The VPX4810 has 64 I/O lines (P14, VITA 46.9) and are supported via the P2 VPX connector. The VPX4812 I/O is supported via the P16 XMC connector.

Acromag offers dozens of compatible PMC modules to perform A/D, D/A, digital I/O, and serial communication functions. Re-configurable FPGA modules are also available in a PMC or XMC format with multi-lane serial interconnects for high-performance algorithm acceleration and adaptive computing applications.

The VPX4812 can be used as a VPX switch card allowing a host CPU to communicate with up to three downstream cards in addition to the XMC card.

Acromag is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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